Session 357: CR20 -> Control Versus Treatment in a Correctional Context
Time: 2:40PM to 4:10 PM on Friday, November 21
Place: Directors Row H
Session Chair: Venezia Michalsen, Women's Prison Association
Motivation of Becoming Corrections Officers in South Korea
by: Seokjin Jeong, Michigan State University (Corresponding)
Byongook Moon, Michigan State University
Curious Rehabilitation: Assessing Risk and Treatment in Sex Offender Civil Commitment
by: Karol Lucken, University of Central Florida (Corresponding)
William D. Bales, Florida State University
Moments of Control in a Women's Prison: Refletions From India
by: Suvarna Cherukuri, Kansas State University (Corresponding)
Protection or Punishment: Labeling Girls and Correctional Outcomes
by: Venezia Michalsen, Women's Prison Association (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006