Session 185: CM8 -> Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Race, Gender and Theories of Offending
Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM on Thursday, November 20
Place: Grand Ballroom
Session Chair: Dusten Hollist, University of Montana
Race and Crime: Illuminating the Social Psychological Processes That Contribute to Crime for Whites and African-Americans
by: T. Lorraine Latimore, North Carolina State University (Corresponding)
Assessing the Historical and Contextual Factors That Link Social Isolation to Crime in African American Communities
by: Irshad Altheimer, Washington State University (Corresponding)
Psychosocial Mediators in the Pathways From Victimization to Criminal Behavior in Female Offenders
by: Smita Vir Tyagi, University of Toronto (Corresponding)
Family Strain, Negative Emotion, and Delinquency: Forwarding General Strain Theory as an Explanation of the Gender Gap
by: Dusten Hollist, University of Montana (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006