Surrounded by Crime

Malcolm W. Klein, University of Southern California

Retirement does not mean death. I overhead such a statement prior to a recent annual convention of the American Society of Criminology. A special panel presentation by several very prominent criminologists was to be devoted to discussions triggered by my own research career in community treatment of delinquents, in gang research, and in cross-national research on crime. It was a panel that had been organized in my honor, and I was honored indeed. But the snippet of conversation I overhead was about sweet it was that this posthumous honor had been arranged and oh, by the way, how long ago had I died? Well, some time prior to this death, I retired. But for me, retirement was merely from the classroom after some 43 years of teaching. I have still continued research with former students and many colleagues, and I have continued my writing. Retirement for me, it turns out, means a greater life without compulsions and deadlines, but certainly not without tasks of interest.

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Updated 05/20/2006