An Evidence-Based Review of Sexual Assault Preventive Intervention Programs

Shannon Morrison, RTI International
Lisa Fornnarino, RTI International
Jennifer Hardison, RTI International
Anita Mathew, RTI International
Donna L. Spencer, RTI International

Preventive interventions targeting both adults and children are an essential part of deterring rape and sexual assault in our society. Despite the many sexual assault prevention programs administered by service providers and a growing number of published studies evaluating various prevention efforts, collectively little is known about the effectiveness of sexual assault preventive interventions. To develop more systematic and well-informed studies and successful interventions, it is crucial that we know which sexual assault preventive interventions have been evaluated and the results of these evaluations. This presentation will report on an evidence-based review of evaluated rape and sexual assault preventive interventions that is being sponsored by the National Institute of Justice. Using the methodology developed by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services, this review is being conducted to assess what is known about rape and sexual assault preventive interventions, identify limitations and gaps in current knowledge, and make recommendations for future research and on promising sexual assault prevention programs for both researchers and practitioners. This presentation will describe the design and methodology of the project, discuss the types of programs being included within the review and the information being abstracted from the published evaluations, and examine preliminary findings.

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Updated 05/20/2006