Victims of Political Vengeance: Examining the Process of Criminal Victimization of Hindu Minority People in Bangladesh

Mahfuzul Khondaker, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

This paper is intended to explain the nature of victims and victimizations among a religious minority group in Bangladesh, a predominantly Muslim country. After the general election of October 1, 2001, the Hindu minority people of Bangladesh became subjects of victimizations. Although news media of Bangladesh and across the world repeatedly portrayed sufferings of victims, the government denied the allegation that minority people have been victimized. In Bangladesh, minority Hindu people are perceived as the supporters of present opposition party, which has been blaming the government for repression of minorities. To understand the victimization process, attempts would be made to understand the nature of offenders, how the offenders think about the victims or view the victimization, and how the media, formal guardians and general people react to the victims and their sufferings. Secondary sources, primarily newspaper data and articles will be analyzed.

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Updated 05/20/2006