Community Law Enforcement and Recovery (CLEAR) Anti-Gang Program Model in Los Angeles, California

Michael Agopian, Chapman University

The Community Law Enforcement and Recovery (CLEAR) Program Model was initiated to facilitate the recovery of gang-infested comunities in Los Angeles County. The mission of CLEAR is to facilitate the recovery of gang-infested communities. This is accomplished by an infusion of coordinated resources into targeted areas of high gang crimes in order to reduce gang violence and promote community recovery. CLEAR utilizes partnerships between CLEAR's core collaborative and agencies, programs and individuals in the target communities. CLEAR's Core Model members include: Mayors Office, County District Attorney, City Attorney, County Probation Department, Department of Corrections, Los Angeles Police and County Sheriff's Departments.

CLEAR is a unique experimental anti-gang model that is based on the following key elements: (1) Outcomes focused, (2) Inter-Agency Collaborations, (3) Community engagement, (4) Targeted areas, gangs, and activities, (5) Strategic operations, and (6) Accountability.

In 2002 six CLEAR sites operate in Los Angeles County. CLEAR targets specific gangs operating within the target community. CLEAR targets all illegal gang-related activity: drug and firearm violations, parole and probation violations, prostitution, and court ordered injunctions. This paper will report on the program operations and outcomes from the CLEAR anti-gang program model.

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Updated 05/20/2006