Predictors of Criminal Career Intensity in a Sample of Juvenile Sexual Aggressors of Children

Julie Carpentier, Universite de Montreal
Jean Proulx, Universite de Montreal
Patrick Lussier, Universite de Montreal

The aim of this study was to ascertain possible links between developmental and precrime factors and two criminal activity parameters, i.e., the level of coercion and the number of victims, in a sample of juvenile sexual aggressors of children. One hundred and two juvenile sexual aggressors who had committed offences against children were included in this study. According to hierarchic multiple regression and logistic regression analyses, the best predictors for the level of coercion were: 1) the age of the victim; 2) aggressiveness during adolescence; and 3) deviant sexual fantasies. The best predictors for the number of victims were: 1) the age of the subject; 2) physical abuse in childhood; and 3) loneliness in adolescence.

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Updated 05/20/2006