Child Homicides in California: 1990-1999

Marc Riedel, Southern Illinois University at Carbonda
Amanda Johnson, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

There are relatively few quantitative studies of homicides of child victims. The present study examines homicide victims under the age of 12. The source of data is the California linked homicide file which is a case-by-case linkage of Supplementary Homicide Reports and vital statistics data. As a result of computerized matching, 93% of all homicides reported to the California Criminal Justice Statistics Center from 1990 through 1999 are available. The study will focus on traditional law enforcement variable such as age, gender and race of victims and offenders, and victim/offender relationships. In addition, because of matching, the elaborate classification of injuries (International Classification of Diseases) used by medical examiners and coroners will permit detailed examination of lethal injuries to children. With the use of an additional data set of California homicides that extends from 1987 through 2001, an examination of trends will be done.

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Updated 05/20/2006