An Analysis of Intimate Partner Homicide in Southern California

Sylvia Valenzuela, California State University - Long Beach
Elizabeth Piper Deschenes, California State University - Long Beach

In 1995 the California legislation authorized counties to establish an interagency team to assist local agencies in identifying and reviewing all domestic violence related deaths. Each county agency is responsible for compiling a report on such occurrences in order to implement strategies to reduce and ultimately prevent domestic violence realted deaths. This study compares the Orange County Domestic Violence Death Review Team's 1997-2001 report findings to the reports for Los Angeles and San Diego counties. This paper focuses on situational and offender/victim characteristics, the coordination of systems and the accessibility of services. The results were analyzed in order to determine the trends and specific indicators or demographics and situational patterns in domestic violence homicides and suicides in Southern California. The paper concludes with policy and program recommendations that will assist the county in the reduction and prevention of domestic violence related deaths.

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Updated 05/20/2006