Straight From the Source: Are Bottled Water Companies Sucking Us Dry?

Richard A. Wallace, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Lisa F. Linares, Madison Area Technical College

Recent years have seen entire regions of the country go through droughts, some so severe that restrictions have been placed on the way residents use their water. Curiously, these restrictions have not affected bottled water companies from extracting millions of gallons of water from the same sources that the residents cannot touch, and all of whom combined would use much less water than the companies pumps in a single day.

Bottled water companies are draining water supplies in the U.S. faster than they can be refilled. They have finagled and finessed their way into draining aquifers with little concern for the permanent residents and their rights to the same water supplies. Our intent is to explore the corporate and environmental crimes these companies engage in as they take full advantage of the highly lucrative bottled water market. Special attention is paid to the nefarious activities of one of the biggest of these companies, Perrier.

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Updated 05/20/2006