Sex Re-Education: Availability and Content of John Diversion Programs in the United States

Christine Harris, Penn State University Capital College
Maura Durkin, Penn State University Capital College

Diversion programs for first time non-violent offenders are now often used as an alternative to other correctional models. In recent years, diversion programs have been developed as a pre-trial intervention for men who have been arrested soliciting prostitutes. This study examines the availability and content of these programs. First, it examines area differences in the availability of diversion programs. It then compares programs throughout the country, using content analysis of programs and analysis of aggregate census data on demographic, social and economic indicators is utilized to determine if differences in the type or content of programs offered exist and how they may be a reflection of the social climate of a particular region. It is hypothesized that ethnic and other cultural variations in programs will reflect the cultural variations of the area served.

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Updated 05/20/2006