Criminalising Marginality and Resistance: Marilyn Manson, Columbine and Cultural Criminology

Stephen Muzzatti, University of Northern Iowa

Despite lofty sentiments existing in archival sources and some contemporary rhetorical flourishes, America has never been particularly tolerant of dissent, dissenters or others who are unwilling/unable to march in lockstep to the hemogonic cadence. While the foci of this intolerance are numerous, this paper addresses one set of domestic cultural targets; youth music culture, with particular attention to Marilyn Manson and their young fans. As such, the paper examines the ways in which epistemic bricoleurs transform discontent, alienation, and isociologicali critiques embedded in style, imagery and artistic production into criminality through mass-mediated delegitimisation strategies and Othering.

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Updated 05/20/2006