Methamphetamine Use in Santa Clara County, California

John Rogers, San Francisco State University
Michelle Evans, San Francisco State University

Rates of methamphetamine use are extremely high in Santa Clara County, as they are for the entire state of California. Recent ADAM results indicate positive test results in the range of 40% for female arrestees and 30% for males. In an effort to better understand local patterns of methamphetamine use, we used 2001-02 ADQAM data to calculate logistic regression analyses of methamphetamine use and self-reported drug dependency. The full range of available demographic variables was studied, as well as treatment history, insurance status, type of charge, and alcohol use. Among male arrestees, significant predictors of recent methamphetamine include African American (negative) Hispanic, U.S. citizen, not working full time, hospitalization for mental health treatment (negative), drug and domestic violence charges, and age under 25. For women, predictors include African American (negative), U.S. citizen, not employed full time, previous arrest, and drug charges. Including the full range of control variables, recent methamphetamine use by men strongly predicts reported drug dependence (of the other NIDA-5 drugs, only marijuana predicts dependence). This relationship was also evident among women for methamphetamine only. Implications for policy and treatment will be discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006