Victims of Human Trafficking: Assessing Needs and Developing Responses

Heather Jennings Clawson, Caliber Associates
Kevonne Small, Caliber Associates
Marvene O'Rourke, National Institute of Justice

This paper presents the results of an assessment of the technical assitance needs of trafficking victim servic eproviders and the impact of these findings have had on the development of a set of training protocols for these service providers. The project answered three overarching questions including what services currently exist for trafficking victims, how response are these services, and what services victims still need. The work was conducted under a contract with the National Institute of Justice. Data were collected by Caliber Associates through a national telephone survey of trafficking victim service providers, a focus group with service providers, and a focus group with victims. Respondents include 98 providers for the telephone survey, 25 providers for the provider focus group, and 6 victims for the victim focus group. The sample was purposely developed to capture a range og experiences and includes data from domestic violence, sexual assault, health, immigration, legal,a nd law enforcement groups in 23 states across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

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Updated 05/20/2006