Alcohol, Colonialism and Crime

Larry A. Gould, Northern Arizona University

This research reviews the social, political, individual, cultural, criminological, and economic impact of European alcohol on Indigenous Peoples. There is little doubt that the introduction of alcohol by Europeans into Indigenous populations has had a lonb-term negative impact, not only on the social structures of Indigenous Peoples, but also on the European-based criminological theories that have been used in an often-failed attempt to explain the behavior of Indigenous Peoples. It is suggested in this research that, to some extent, alcohol was used by Europeans not only as a means of profit-making, but also as a means of colonization and subjugation. It is also argued in this research that, in some segments of the European-based population, alcohol continues to be used as a tool to demoralize, demean and disenfranchise Indigenous Peoples, while enriching whites.

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Updated 05/20/2006