Cybercrimes: What We Know and What We Don't Know

Jennifer Lynn Gossett, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Shane Sandridge, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Although the importance and prevalence of cybercrimes is increasing within the field of law enforcement, its academic counterpart is not progressing in the same manner. U.S. vs. Morris (1991) brought cybercrimes to the attention of law enforcement, but not necessarily to criminology. Computer science continues to lead the study of computer and cyber crimes. This study examines existing journal articles and books, within the social sciences (speciifically criminal justice and criminology); to connect what is known about these crimes, areas of interest in cybercrimes, terminology for academic searchers, and research methods. The consistencies and divergent aspects of cybercrimes will be reported. Cybercrimes will position itself within criminology, though its emergence is fragmented and technical for most criminologists in the U.S.

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Updated 05/20/2006