Bicycle Theft: A Chinese Case of Criminal Victimization

Lening Zhang, Saint Francis College
Jianhong Liu, Rhode Island College

China has been observed as a bicycle nation. Bicycles have been a major property as they have been used as a major transportation in China. Since the economic reform was carried out in the early 1980s, bicycles have become a major target of criminal activities because of their availability, utility, values, and poor security in China. Consequently, many people have experienced criminal victimization with bicycle theft. Bicycle victimization has become a common concern in general population and criminal agencies. The present study discusses the concern and explains the social and legal aspects of bicycle victimization. Using data collected from the International Crime Victim Surveys (ICVS) in 1994, the study further assesses the relevance of structural and individual factors to bicycle victimization in China. The results show that both community cohesiveness and individual routine activities significantly affected bicycle victimization when the effects of other demographic variables were held constant. Discussions of the implications of these findings are provided.

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Updated 05/20/2006