The Development of Victim-Offender Mediation in Germany

Hans-Jergen Kerner, University of Tuebingen
Elmar Weitekamp, Catholic University of Leuven

This paper will examine and analyze the development of victim-offender mediation in Germany between the years 1993 to 2000. During these years we collected all the data available from mediation services in Germany. The database of over 20,000 cases includes not only information about the development of victim-offender mediation and the services involved in them iun Germany, but also about: took the mediation place in the juvenile or adult penal system, who initiated the mediation process, what is the participating rate for offender and victims, who are the offender and victims, did they know each other, what kind offenses were mediated, what was the outcome of the mediation process and whether the offender fulfilled the reached agreement.

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Updated 05/20/2006