Batterer Accountability and Other Goals of the Greenbook Initiative: Interim Outcome Evaluation Results

Kristin Ward, Caliber Associates
Martha Wade Steketee, National Center for State Courts
Duren Banks, Caliber and Associates

The 1999 report Effective Intervention in Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines for Policy and Practice (the Greenbook) provides practice principles to guide interventions for battered women and their children who may be involved with three systems -- public child welfare agencies, domestic violence service providers, and dependency courts. Six federal demonstration communities were funded in 2001 to change practice in these systems providing services to these women and their children in a number ofg areas including case screening and assessment, information sharing across service systems, and case management, as well as ensuring the accountability of the batterers of these women and their children. This paper will provide preliminary outcome results from the national evaluation of the Initiative on many of these themes, and from various data sources including network analysis, system stakeholder surveys, surveys of the "direct service workers" (or line staff), and interviews with supervisors in each of the three systems.

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Updated 05/20/2006