Batterer Intervention Curricular: Examining Program Cultural Competence

Robert D. Hanser, University of Louisiana at Monroe

The primary question posed by this study was whether Batterer Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPPs) were culturally competent within the state of Texas. The definition for cultural competence for this study was drawn directly from an agency assessment tool entitled the Agency Cultural Competence Checklist. This study examined agency curricula for cultural competence rather than individual counselor behavior. The research design followed an evaluative-experimental model to determine the level of cultural competence inherent to the curriculum of most BIPP agencies. Amazingly, nearly forty-five percent of these agencies did not have assessments and interventions in their curriculum that met the culturally competent standards of the Agency Cultural Competence Checklist. Failure to meet this standard means that the structure of the therapeutic intervention itself is often lacking substantial ability to ensure that culturally specific issues are addressed for BIPP clients. Further research that compares the effectiveness of agencies that do have culturally specific assessments and interventions with those that do not would be beneficial. Recommendations for BIPP agencies that are interested in improving the cultural competence of their services are given by the researcher.

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Updated 05/20/2006