Developing Performance Measures From the Top-Down

Madeleine Wallace, Caliber Associates

This paper discusses the method used to develop performance measures for OJJDP's Parc C grants in the context of the agency's strategic plan and Federal reporting requirements. Specifically, this "top-down" analysis ensures that the performance measures developed meet OJJDP's legislative, administrative, and management requirements. It also makes certain that the measures developed are (1) Grounded in current performance-based government literature; (2) Consistent with GPRA legislation; (3) Reflective of the priorities of the President's Management Agenda' (4) Sufficient to meet OMB requiirements; (5) Directly linked to (or aligned with) OJP and DOJ's planning goals and strategies; and (6) Integrated into OJP's broader needs for a performance measurement system. It concludes with a discussion of how abstract agency goals were translated into mutually exclusive categories useful for linking with concrete measures of grantee performance.

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Updated 05/20/2006