Post-Modernism and Use of Science and Technology in Corrections

Mokerrom Hossain, Virginia State University

Taking care of incarcerated people has always been a complex and expensive enterprise for a society. Balancing both the philosophy of punishment and the philosophy of rehabilitation has always remained a challenge for both academicians and practitioners. Especially with the rising cost to incarcerate a convicted individual, the utilization of modern science and technology. Science and technology are also being used in designing newer prisons. This article will trace how over time economic pressures more and more emphasis are being put on utilization of advanced technology in the areas of corrections. The use of advanced technology in designing the prison cell, monitoring the persons in parole or even putting somebody in community corrections are common examples. Is the use of technology gradually dehumanizing the corrections system and losing its meaning as a rehabilitating institution? Is the use of science taking place for "science sake?" This article will address these questions.

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Updated 05/20/2006