Rutgers Center for the Study of Public Security

Louise Stanton, Rutgers University

The Rutgers Center for the Study of Public Security (RCSPS) is an interdisciplinary center of research and outreach activities that was founded by the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers School of Law, Rutgers College of Nursing, and the Center for Global Change and Governance in 2002. The RCSPS is positioning itself as a leading national research center focused on interdisciplinary approaches to security research. It emphasizes collaboration across multiple sectors at neutral forum for public discussions, dialogue and problem-solving on security issues in the post-9/11 environment and in the broader context of social change and conflict. The main item on the agenda of the RCSPS is to understand the consequences of heightened security. Based on the very productive discussions with participants at the Health Security in NJ summit in June 2003, the RCSPS launched the Public Security Monitoring Project (PSMP) to track changes in security pre-9/11 and post-9/11. The methodology involves in-depth interviews with decision-makers in the corporate, health, and law enforcement sectors. Interviewers are probing the meaning of security, risk perceptions, risk assessments, employee reactions and involvement, management, economic impacts, and disruptions. During the course of its research and outreach activities, the RCSPS will be reparing a narrative for use by decision and policy-makers.

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Updated 05/20/2006