Everything But the Girl: A Comparative Study of Rehabilitation and Socialization in Juvenile Treatment Facilities

Katherine Martinez, University of Colorado at Boulder
Joanna Starek, University of Colorado at Boulder

This study examines the goals, belief systems, and institutional models of one male-only and one co-ed juvenile correctional facility to determine whether gender socialization occurs during rehabilitation. Using an institutional model cotinuum created by Davide Street et al, each facility was assigned a number between one and ten (one being obedience/conformity and ten being treatment) based on the goals and belief systems of each facility. The deconstruction of Street's model created four parallel continuums (treatment, social control, power and gender), all of which relate to each other based on feminist theory of gender socialization. The coeductional facility, receiving a number seven on the scale, treats youth utilizing much less social control and power, thus does not conform to hegemonic gender socialization comparable to the male-only facility, receiving a four on the same scale.

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Updated 05/20/2006