The Parenting Academy: Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy

Sharon Ross, Cornell Companies, Inc.
Kenneth F. Pompi, Cornell Companies, Inc.

A major strategic goal of the Department of Research and Evaluation (R&E) at Cornell Companies is to develop the capacity to assess change over time in treatment. To assess participant needs, treatment progress, and treatment success for Cornell's Parenting Academy program, a new instrument, the Parenting Skills Evaluation Scale (PES), was developed by the department in conjunction with the program. An evaluation of PES results revealed that the parents reported increased skill levels from intake to discharge on all seven parenting skills assessed. The parents also rated their overall experience highly at the conclusion of the program. These results provide evidence that the program is fulfilling its mission to improve parenting skills for the parents of adjudicated youth. A follow-up study currently in progress will evaluate longer-term program outcomes.

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Updated 05/20/2006