Using Diversity Training to Reduce the Impact of Race on Police Use of Lethal Force

Tracie L. Keesee, University of Colorado - Denver

Policing multicultural societies represents an area of scholarly research that has long been neglected, despite heated controversy surrounding the use of force in urban minority communities. Police agencies across the country have implemented programs to guide the use of force, including policy and procedures designed to train officers on employing less lethal means. Departments that hope to balance the enforcement of law and maintain racial/ethnic relationships must include "diversity training" as part of the curriculum. Recent studies have found thaty race/ethnicity can be a factor when lethal force is used to control a suspect. This research examines how diversity training can diminish the effects of race when officers come in contact with threatening suspects. The findings provide a framework for an effective training program that helps to reduce deadly altercations, particularly in communities of color.

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Updated 05/20/2006