The Victims at the International Criminal Court Statute

Alejandro J. Rodriguez Morales, Monteavila University

This poster briefly introduces the topic of the victims at the Intrnational Ceriminal Court (ICC) Statute, that entered into force in July 1, of 2002, in a criminological perspective, specially emphasizing the treatment of their rights and their participation in the criminal process at the ICC; but also, doing some reflections about the particularities of the victims of the crimes of the ratione materiae competence of the ICC, that is, crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and the crime of aggression, from the point of view of the power that characterizes the authors or agents of these international crimes. In order to expose the victim's perspective in the ICC Statute, the main dispositions with incidence in the subject will be reviewed according to the criminological theory to reach some conclusions, with the purpose of determining the compatibility of the Statute with the most recent advances of the criminology.

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Updated 05/20/2006