Policing Homophobic Hate-Crime in the U.K.

Amanda L. Robinson, Cardiff University
Matthew L. Williams, Cardiff University

Until recently, the policing of hate crimes has focused on racist violence to the exclusion of homophobic violence. Police recording and investigatory practices for homophobic crime has changed due to pressure to improve relationships with marginalized communities. The establishment of the Homophobic Hate Crime Task Group and specialized police procedures has encouraged a progressive police response to these crimes in Cardiff, Wales. A description of homophobic victims and offenders will be provided by an analysis of approximately 800 homophobic incident reports, collected by the South Wales Police since 1997. Multivariate analyses will reveal the factors that significantly influence police decision-making in these cases. Interviews with members of the gay community will provide insight into their perceptions of the police and factors influencing their decision to make a police report. Results of these analyses will inform you.

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Updated 05/20/2006