Guns, Drugs, and Violence: A Lethal Combination Among Youth in Michigan

Cheryl Elizabeth Reid, Michigan State University
Timothy S. Bynum, Michigan State University
Beth M. Huebner, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Sean Verano, Northeastern University

This poster session will present the dilemma of guns and drugs, and when combined, their association to crime. The relationship between drugs and illegal gun-carrying offenders between 18 to 23 years of age and their levels of association to gun violence and homicides will be addressed. Specifically, certain drugs may be linked to violent and gun-related crimes more so than others, and this association between crime and behavior will be discussed. Data for this study were obtained from a sample of incarcerated males from the State of Michigan. The nexus between guns and drugs and criminality will be explained using social disorganization and ecological thories, based specifically in urban areas with excessive rates of heterogeneity and transiency. Based on empirical findings and statistics, policy recommendations will be made for future implementation.

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Updated 05/20/2006