Cops, Crooks and Books: "Line-of-Duty" Deaths, Violent Crime Rates, and Survivor's State Education Benefits

Michael J. Grabowski, Prairie View A & M University

The numerous law enforcement deaths associated with the events surrounding 9/11 resulted in an increased awareness by the public and need for legislative changes in survivor's benefits due to a law enforcement officer's untimely death in the line-of-duty. The past decade has historically shown an increase by states in providing financial assistance programs for those families of law enforcement officers killed in the line-of-duty. Yet, one area of family survivor assistance appears to have been neglected; the issuance of benefits related to secondary education assistance. The author suggests the disparity in survivor's state education assistance benefits may be due to other "social compensations" in response to a law enforcement officer's line-of-duty death. This paper will examine and analyze various "social compensations" e.g., the state's legal sanction or implementation of capital punishment, reputation and recognition as a law enforcement mecca of organized labor activity, number and types of officer line-of-duty deaths, and violent crime rates with respect to the disparity of survivor's state education assistance benefits nationwide.

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Updated 05/20/2006