Personnel Panic: Agency Strategies for Overcoming Recruitment and Hiring Challenges

Lorie A. Fridell, Police Executive Research Forum
Tom Jordan, Texas A&M University, Texarkana

Over the last five years, newspapers headlines and chiefs have characterized hirign challenges as nothing short of a crisis in law enforcement. Agencies across the nation report that they are struggling to fill their sworn positions. Interestingly, however, data from a national survey conducted by P ERF, funded by NIJ, indicates that many agencies are, in fact, filling their sworn positions. Are agencies overstating their woes, expendiung more time and resources to fill their positions, reducing their hiring standards? For this presentation, authors will share national data, including longitudinal data from a subset of agencies, to answer these and other questions about the purported "cop crunch," Authors will also describe innovative ways that agencies are recruiting and hiring quality personnel, including racial/ethnic minorities and women.

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Updated 05/20/2006