Police Violence, Time, Space and the Force Continuum: Assessing the Relationships

Charles Crawford, Western Michigan University
Ronald Burns, Texas Christian University

Research examining police violence focuses on a variety of factors offered to explain how and why police engage in violent acts. Psychological impacts, situational factors, organizational variables, and officer/suspect characteristics are prominent among the categories researchers use to explain police violence. Adding to thi literature, recent research has examined the interactive effects of time and space to explain violent police encounters. The present research expands this work through further testing the effects of time and space within the continuum of force using data collected by Garner and Maxwell (1999), which examines the police violence in six large U.S. cities. Results from this research: (1) further our understanding of police use of force, and (2) address Sampson's (1993) concern that justice-related research examine the interaction of time and space.

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Updated 05/20/2006