Correlates to Police Use of Non-Lethal Force: A Statistical Analysis in a Midwestern City

Fredrik H. Leinfelt, North Dakota State University
Michel R. Kutzke

This study examined police officer use of non-lethal force in a Midwestern jurisdiction from October 1, 2001 through december 21, 2002. Police officers completed a custodial situation form each time non-lethal force occurred in a police-citizen enounter. Officers documented subject variables (e.g. subject age, race, intoxication, and conduct), the type of force used, the type of incident responded to, if the encounter was initiated by an officer or by a citizen, and whether or not an arrest was made as a result of the encounter. this study analyzed 2,059 cases where non-lethal force occurred in police-citizen encounters. Subject and situational variables were analyzed to determine if they impacted the use of non-lethal force during a police-citizen encounter.

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Updated 05/20/2006