The Patrol Officers' Perception Toward Effectiveness of Police Mini-Station in South Korea

Byongook Moon, Michigan State University

The system of police mini-stations (police boxes) has been known to play important roles in an era of community policing -- increasing contact with citizens, improving the relationship between the police and residents, and preventing crime. Recognizing its potential, several countries such as Singapore and the United States (Detroit) adopted a police mini-station system. The very same system in South Korea, which has been existed as the core division since the establishment of the modern Korea Police, however, has stimulated controversy about the effectiveness for preventing crime and improving the relationship with citizens. Despite the significance of the issue, an empirical study has never been conducted to examine how patrol officers who are working at police mini-stations perceive the effectiveness of police mini-stations. The present study, therefore, examines the perception of patrol officers toward effectiveness of police mini-station in South Korea.

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Updated 05/20/2006