Developmental Trajectories of Delinquency Seriousness and Their Predictors: A Cross-Site Study

Eric Lacourse, Universite de Montreal
Rolf Loeber, University of Pittsburgh
Richard E. Tremblay, University of Montreal

This study explores the developmental aspects or delinquency seriousness in two sites: Montreal and Pittsburgh. We used a semi-parametric mixture model to identify developmental trajectories of delinquency seriousness from age 11 through 17 based on self-report data. Following this analysis, we investigated parental and child predictors at ages 6 and 7 that can discriminate chronic serious offenders from adoelscent onset and non-offenders. Examples of parental predictors are mother and father criminality, teenage motherhood, and SES. Physical aggression, opposition and hyperactivity are examples of child predictors. Differences and similarities are discused from a cross-cultural perspective.

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Updated 05/20/2006