Bridging Research and Juvenile Justice Policy Using the Youth Level of Service Inventory

Denise C. Herz, California State University, Los Angeles
Colleen Kadleck, University Nebraska at Omaha
Ken Gallagher, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Jose Nava, University of Nebraska at Omaha

For several years, Nebraska's juvenile justice system has struggled to improve juvenile justice processing by eliminating system framentation and duplication and improve the continuum of services available to address offender risks and needs. These efforts culminated in the use of the Youth Level of Service Inventory to compare agency populations and guide policy decisions surround the reorganization of juvenile justice statewide. The purpose of this presentation is to present the results of this study, demonstrate how research and policy were bridged using the YLSI, and discuss the implications of this process for improving juvenile justice processing nationwide.

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Updated 05/20/2006