The Youth Service Improvement Initiative

John Martin
Brian Mattson, Criminal Justice Planning Department
Jewlya Lynn, Criminal Justice Planning Department
Michael Jones, Criminal Justice Planning Department

The Youth Service Improvement Initiative is a system integration effort underway in Jefferson County, Colorado. The initiative is using a framework that prioritizes examination of strategic direction, goals and outcomees to understand and guide work processes. The framework is enhanced by the use of models that define and capture the processes of developing strategic direction, selecting resources, and serving the needs of youths and families. Application of the framework and models has been undertaken by a coalition of Jefferson County juvenile justice representatives, educators, social service policy makers, and community service providers. Theya re using the framework and models in the extensive assessment, planning, improvement, implementation, performance measurement, and evaluation effort over a period of three years. Elite stakeholders will work together to examine the work processes involved in developing the guiding philosophies of the system, oberlaying this information on the work processes examined in other groups. we will present our analysis of these applications of the framework and models, including the success in developing robust descriptions of work processes and determination of infrastructure adequacy and alignment with expectations for the organization, oversight, and operations of the system.

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Updated 05/20/2006