The Benefits of Problem Solving Prosecutors in the Community

Michele Muni, Rutgers University

Prosecutors have always been involved in problem solving. However, never have they had an "intimate" relationship with the community in problem solving. Today,many prosecutors' offices are pressing towards problem-oriented prosecution (community prosecution). Although community prosecution is becoming increasingly popular, there is scarce literature on the benefits of this program to prosecutors, police, and citizens. The completed studies include indivisual casee site analyses or studies of organizational changes in prosecutors' offices. A main goal of community prosecution is collaboration. hence, research should identify the benefits of the program to prosecutors, police, and citizens.

This paper examines the benefits of community prosecution to prosecutors, police, and citizens. Furthermore, the role and importance of prosecutors engaging in Project Safe Neighborhoods in Mercer County is explained in detail. This program is a community-based program in which prosecutors, police, and citizens collaborate to reduce gun violence in neighborhoods.

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Updated 05/20/2006