Programs Which Prepare Inmates for Reintegration: Cross National Comparisons

Marilyne Baranes-Constans, Paris 8 University
Hilde Tubex, Free University of Brussels
Steve Van Dine, Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction

Prisoner reentry has recently become a focus of programs and research projects being funded by various federal agencies in the United States. The purpose of many prison-based and post-release programs is to prepare prisoners for rentry. However, with the new attrention on reentry, it is important to understand the various systems of criminal jsutice programs and policies and their underlying philosophies and goals. A comparison of various systems can serve as an important backdrop to the research on the reentry process. The purpose of this session is to provide an outlook on the range of approaches taken in various countries in preparing individuals to reintegrate back into their communities and families. Presenters will describe and provide information on the relative importance of prison-based programs versus post-release programs in prearing inmates for successful release experiences. The historical context within which these programs have evolved will ge described. Presenters will conclude with an assessment of gaps in reentry programming.

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Updated 05/20/2006