Effects of a Residential Faith-Based Program for Inmates Nearing Release

Duren Banks, Caliber and Associates
Jeanette Hercik, Caliber Associates

Inmates nearing release are faced with a host of problems that not only affect the inmates themselves (e.g., where to live, how to secure employment), but also their families, their communities, and a number of Federal, state, and local agencies/institutions. The current evaluation examines a faith-based program operating in a state correctional system that has cut a great deal of in-prison programming in recent years. The program not only promotes faith among the inmates, but also addresses a number of re-entry issues, including family ties, employability, and access to needed resources outside of the prison. Begun in 1999, the objectives of the yearlong residential program are to increae person responsibility, family responsibility and employability, particularly among those nearing release. The evaluation will focus on the in-prison and post-prison effects of the program on its participants, their families the community, and relevant agencies/institutions. Program participants will be assessed against a comparison sample of inmates on measures gathered from prison records; the inmates and their families; and official records of recidivism, employment, and reliance on public aid.

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Updated 05/20/2006