Assessing Kentucky Police Corps Training Academy

Carole Garrison, Eastern Kentucky University
Kathryn E. Scarborough, Eastern Kentucky University
Matt Holt, Eastern Kentucky University
Tanlee Taulbee, Eastern Kentucky University
Adam Thayer, Eastern Kentucky University

As the public and political leaders have come to perceive law enforcement as both more important and more expensive, demand has grown for more officers on the street and for more rigorous training that produces a more professionalized and accountable police force. The response in part to that demand is the Police Corp Program. The Police Corps is a Federal program designed to adress violent crime by increasing the number of officers with advanced education and training who serve on community patrol. This paper presents the initial findings from the first phase of a 4-year assessment and research effort designed to: 1) develop tool and process to assess the quality of training; and 2) to investigate specific attitudinal changes overtime on two important aspects of Police Corps perspective: ethical and community policing as central frameworks for performing the job.

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Updated 05/20/2006