Reducing Robbery: an Evaluation of the Liverpool Robbery Reduction Initiative

George Mair, Liverpool John Moores University
Stuart Taylor, Liverpool John Moores University

Early in 2002, robbery was identified by the UK government as a key priority for the police -- so much so that the Prime Minister claimed that robbery would have decreased by September 2002. Police forces in the areas with the highest rates of robbery were therefore 'encouraged' to design and implement robbery reduction intiatives. This paper reports on one such initiative in Liverpool, which consisted of more than 30 separate projects. A research study examined strrategic aspects of the initiative (rather than evaluating individual projects) in order to explore how fare the various projects were coordinated and complemented each other. The design, aims and objectives of all projects included in the initiative were studied the structures put in place to manage the initiative as a whole were assessed, interviews with key staff were carried out, and data on the incidence of robbery were collected. The potential for the robbery initiative to provide a robust model for future crime reduction initiatives is discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006