Crisis Intervention Teams in Colorado: Police Officer and Community Response to Persons With Mental Illness

Kim English, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice

Introduction Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT), which began in Memphis, TN in 1987, is an innovative training and community response approach to intervening with persons with mental illness. CIT has proliferated to several cities around the country within the last five years. The program begins with a 40-hour intensive training for police officers and continues with crisis and triage services in the community. Two counties in Colorado adopted the CIT model in the fall of 2000 and trained its first officers in May of 2002. 240 officers have been trained to date in Jefferson and Denver Counties, and the City of Fountain. Panel discussion will take place illustrating the implementation and procedural issues and stragegies in the development of CIT. Ongoing evaluation results reflecting community, officer and police department impact, policy and program implications, and the future of CIT in Colorado will also be discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006