"I'm Named a Bully:" Violent Girls' Description of Self and World

Sibylle Artz, University of Victoria

This paper examines data generated over a ten year period from transcribed interviews with key informants who participated in an ethnographic study of violent school girls (Artz, 1996, 1998), in violence prevention research conducted over a five-year period in a school district on Vancouver Island (Artz, 2000), in qualitative research conducted with female young offenders residing in Vancouver Island Custody Center (Artz, Blais & Nicholson, 2000), and with four adolescent females interviewed in making a documentary on girls who use violence (Artz 2002). Girls' narratives of self and world are presented and analyzed inlight of their realms of action, their discourse and the shared meanings that especially those girls who participated in group interviews provided. The overwhelmingly negative self-representations are highlighted not only for their surface value as indicators of low self-worth but also for their resistance potential.

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Updated 05/20/2006