Gender, Economics, and Crime: Exploring the Effect of Women's Relative Economic Marginalization on the Gender Gap in Offending

Mari A. DeWees, University of Florida
Karen F. Parker, University of Florida

Recent research documenting a convergence in male and female offending over past decades has offered women's economic marginalization as an important explanation of this convergence. We build on this previous work by further exploring the utility of women's economic marginalization in the study of gender differences in crime. Using poisson regression we estimate the effect of multiple dimensions of women's relative economic status on the gender gap in offending across both property and violent offending in U.S. cities for the time period 1990-2000. Change models detailing shifts in this relationship over the decade are provided to further elucidate the nature of this association. Overall, study results offer insight into the unique impact of women's economic marginalization on the gender gap in offending.

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Updated 05/20/2006