Fightling Like a Girl: How 'At-Risk' Inner-City Girls Use and Experience Violence

Nikki Jones, University of Pennsylvania

In this paper I present findings from a qualitative research project designed to explore how "at risk" youth enrolled in a city hospital-based violence intervention project use, experience, and manage violence in their everyday lives. Specifically, I discuss the context of violence in the lives of the girls and young women in this project, most of whom are African-American and reside in some of the mist distressed neighborhoods in a large Northeastern city. The paper is divided into two sections. In the first part of this paper I briefly introduce a developing typology of the violence present in the lives of the young women who are enrolled in this violence intervention project. This typology includes the perceived origin of particular conflicts and with whom each type of conflict tends to occur. I then provide an in-depth discussion of one of the several themes that have emereged in this study regarding how the girls and young women in this project use, experience and manage various forms of violence intheir lives.

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Updated 05/20/2006