Gender, Streetlife and Violence: An Ethnographic Analysis

Christopher W. Mullins, University of Missouri St. Louis

Recent feminist ethnography has documented the strongly patriarchal nature of streetlife (e.g., Joe Laider and Hunt 2001; Maher 1997; Miller 2001), clearly showing that men's and women's experiences of crime, and the social relationships in which offending is embedded, are highly gender stratified. While much of the data for this work has been collected with gender issues in mind, some studies have shown the utility of secondary analysis of existing data sets to examine these structures (e.g., Miller 1998; Mullins and Wright in press). This paper presents preliminary results from a secondary analysis of 290 interviews collected in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Interviews from seven separate studies are used to create a gender-diverse sample which is used to explore how men's and women's lived experiences with violence and streetlife are structured (and not structured) by gender.

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Updated 05/20/2006