Validity of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Clients' Self-Reports With Regard to Their Justice System Involvement

Robert J. Battjes, Friends Research Institute, Inc.
Timothy W. Kinlock, Friends Research Institute, Inc.
Michael S. Gordon, Friends Research Institute, Inc.

The validity of adolescent substance abuse treatment clinents' self-reports with regard to their justice system involvement has not been extensively examined. This paper compares adolescent outpatient clients' (N=194) self-reports on the number and severity of offenses resulting in arrest with official juvenile justice arrest records. Both self-report and official record data examine arrests accumulated throughout the respondents' lives prior to treatment entry, and arrests are classified according to the most serious level of offense. Relationships between respondent characteristics (demographics, substance use history, mental health, family and peer deviance) and extent of truthfulness will be examined.

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Updated 05/20/2006