Parental Involvement in Juvenile Justice

Joanna Cannon, Valdosta State University
Kate Warner, Valdosta State University

Juvenile justice policy is currently a topic of considerable debate and we have seen many recent changes in practice. An important policy of concern involves parental accountability and involvement in justice processes. Descriptions about the current use of parental accountability and critical analyses of these and potential future practices are very few in number. Both academics and practitioners would benefit from a better understanding of these policies and their subsequent implications for juvenile justice and juvenile delinquency. This research consists of an in-depth analysis of parental accountability and involvement in the Florida and Georgia juvenile justice systems. Relevant laws and practices were identified, surveys were administered to juvenile justice personnel (including judges, attorneys, and Department of Juvenile Justice personnel), interviews were conducted with juvenile justice personnel, and observations were made during visits to key juvenile justice sites. In this paper, we describe findings regarding perceptions about parental accountability and involvement in the juvenile justice system.

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Updated 05/20/2006