Meeting the Challenge of Computer Crime: Taking Situational Crime Prevention Into the Virtual Environment

Sheridan Morris, Home Office, London

Situational crime prevention has long served as a valuable framework for researchers and practitioners alike in tackling crime in a variety of environments. This paper, in discussing the results of a UK Home Office Delphi study, will seek to illustrate how the SCP's techniques continue to offer guidance in dealing with emergent criminal and malicious behaviours. A multi-disciplinary Delphi panel were asked what they believed to be the future forms of criminal activity, technology challenge and crime prevention measures associated with the increasingly ubiquitous computing and communication environment we now face. Numerous preventive measures were generated for a range of Internet-mediated offences and malicious behavior. By applying the situational crime prevention framework to these diverse findings, the author has sought to arrive at a coherent package of measures in a language familiar to both the non-technical criminological and policing community, as well as the technology oriented computer security practitioners.

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Updated 05/20/2006